About Me

My history and experience in web design.

Major Events

  • Started learning Photoshop
  • Started learning web design
  • Started freelance web designing
  • Started working at NJ FBLA as State Webmaster, National Eastern Region Vice President's Assistant
  • Started working at Old Bridge Department of Education as Technology Committee Liaison
  • First place Website Design in New Jersey, third place in the U.S. (FBLA)
  • Started working at HeavyMeddle, LLC. as Front-End Web Developer
  • Continued working at Old Bridge Department of Education as Scholarship Committee Software Developer
  • First place Website Design in New Jersey, first place Cover Design in New Jersey, first place HTML5 in the U.S. (FBLA)
  • Organizing TEDxNavesink

My Story

I first opened Photoshop really young—around the age of three or four. I fell in love with having the ability to create crisp graphics that I could simply print out in an instant. Much better than a doodle with a crayon by far.

In the fifth grade I was given the assignment to formulate a perfect restaurant (fictionally of course). What better way to present this than showing off a restaurant-devoted website? With a little help from GooglePages, I point-and-clicked my way to an "A."

By some form of fate, I happened to click on the "Edit HTML" button. What was this? This language of weird triangular symbols and quotation marks? I didn't know exactly what it all meant, but I knew I liked it.

With some built-in Photoshop actions, I figured out how I could take an image and have it converted straight into a Dreamweaver-editable directory of complicated file architecture. I must have done this a hundred times before I actually understood what I was looking at.

After my first client at 11, an investment in Coda (my current favorite IDE), and reading thousands of tutorials by Chris Coyier, I considered myself a web designer.

And, of course, I didn't stop there; I'm now an expert in all things HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP5, CMS platforms, and more.

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